Establishment of Turn-key Basis Production Facility

To supply a production facility which will allow you to carry out an efficient production by choosing all the machinery and equipment in the light of our domestic and foreign experience.   All the services which are required with regard to the matters such as preparing a production area work flow diagram and carrying out the placement in line with such plan and attending to its technical services, assembly in the correct way, completing the necessary certification for your workplace.


Preparing the Investment Feasibilities

We prepare and offer to you, our esteemed investors, the Feasibility Reports containing The Details of the Fixed Investment required for the production, Business Capital Calculations, Production Cost Tables, Sales Price Analysis, Unit Production Cost Analysis and Cash Flow Tables for the boats made from HDPE material.


Personnel Training and Production Method

Providing technical training to your personnel who will work in your workplace, have them receive their Occupational Safety and technical certificates, preparation of a production plan and program so that they could produce effectively and all the necessary services about required material purchase and all the stages of the production within the scope of this plan.