Why HDPE ?

HWB series boats has rigid construction made of high density extruded polyethylene (HDPE) material. That construction is built up by special welding processes of HDPE 100 pipes and plates which are added carbon black (UV protector).

High impact strength and elasticity of material let us have strong, no maintenance required, high load capacity and high speed boat which can be used for multi-purpose applications.

These strength and elasticity characteristics of material were taken into consideration while designing and preparing projects and by means of that life of the boat optimized. It was tested for every bad weather and sea conditions and observed that floating capability and stability on water is suitable for any condition. Boats are designed for various purposes.

Compared to GRP, wooden and steel construction boats, HWB has many alternatives for multi purpose deck applications. Boats can be designed and manufactured with a completely flat and empty deck for any kind of loading or manufactured with cabinet and seats for transportation of passengers.

Boats can be used for fish hunting and fish farms, passenger or cargo transportation, Search and Rescue, Ambulance, shipyards and marine services, ship agencies, industrial or touristic diving services, military applications, marine guard services, etc.

Driven by outboard engines or inboard engines (diesel or gasoline) with stern drive, water jet or direct shaft applications.