We offer our 15 years of research, development, manufacturing and marketing experience on light duty workboats made up of HDPE for the investors.

In the beginning of 2000’s we determined that there exist a great necessity for light duty commercial workboats in Turkey. In line with this we conducted a detailed benchmark to manufacture those domestically and invested to this sector. First we analyzed the existing manufacturers, products and evaluated whether the demands of the domestic market are satisfied by the existing parties. Meanwhile, we also focused on the material, processing technologies, manufacturing methods and creative projects with regard to manufacturing boats from HDPE material which had been relatively new even across the world. In 2004 we manufactured the first prototype and by the end of the year we launched the first service boat made up of HDPE material to be the first and the only sample in our country.

The manufacturing process begun in 2004. Having the advantages of the material, we proceeded with manufacturing boats of HDPE and marketing activities for various sectors which resulted in an increasing order graphic. At the beginning we were the only company to provide services to the sectors demanding light duty workboats in the country, however later on having new investors to participate in the sector number of companies gradually increased in Turkey who carry out domestic or export activities.

As of 2011 we brought this know-how and experience we achieved to the attention of the domestic and foreign investors. It would be our pleasure to propose consultancy, feasibility, project support and turn-key facility establishment services both in Turkey and abroad.